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2015 fic end of year review meme

2015 Fic Year in Review
WELL FOR THE FIRST TIME IN A WHILE I feel like I've written enough to warrant this. (Actually I did last year too but anyway.)

Total Word Count: 122,218
Total Fics Written: 12
Fandoms Written In: B1A4, EXO, KAT-TUN, Samurai Drive, TFBOYS, VIXX, Kyoukai no Kanata, (SJ-M, Infinite as part of multi group fic)

Chronological list: (all fic on anticommute@ao3)
perfect pieces (pieces of you) | kyoukai no kanata | nc17 | 2372
dragon's flight | exo | nc17 | 8465

and so it turns | samurai drive | pg | 5622
chanlay saiyuki au | exo | pg | 3666
leoxing fake dating au | vixx/exo | g | 3734
red light flash back | kat-tun | nc17 | 4462
morning's light | b1a4 | pg | ????

permanent head damage: the kpop edition | multi | g | 4335
all tied up | b1a4 | nc17 | 2556

dreams fly | tfboys | g | 5148

have your cake and eat it too | b1a4 | nc17 | 2395
rewind to glory, tomorrow never dies | kat-tun | nc17 | 62147

to the limit | vixx/exo | nc17 | 4368

Overall Thoughts:

Looking back, did you write more fic than you thought you would this year, less, or about what you'd predicted?
Way, way, way more. I didn't even start until after May! My AO3 is a little deceiving because I spent much of the first bit of the year cleaning up/moving old things. Also, the little matter of one fic being responsible for half my word count of the year...

What pairing/genre/fandom did you write that you would never have predicted in January?
KAT-TUN wtf. Actually, TFBOYS, KAT-TUN, Kyoukai no Kanata, and Samurai Drive.

What's your own favorite story of the year?
The favourite story I wrote that I like to read is the untitled "leoxing fake dating au". Because it's cute! And I clutch my face when I read it! And it's my little raft! But the story I'm most proud of writing is without a doubt "rewind to glory, tomorrow never dies".

Did you take any writing risks this year?
Setting out to write a ~18k follow up to a pwp to be quite honest. I'm not very good at finishing things, and enjoy starting things too much. So writing something that was focussed on plot really felt like a "what the hell Tian what are you doing". The fact that it ended up exploding wasn't a risk so much as committing to finishing it. I'm glad I did.

Do you have any fanfic goals for the new year?
Finish things. In particular, a story I've been bouncing around for years. It's challenging because it's both long, and it's more slice of life. So that's my number one goal. I also want to 'go back to my roots' in a way. As in, less porn lol. I realised recently that in chasing after plot, writing so much porn, my writing's sharply diverged from where it used to be--which isn't necessarily a bad thing! But I also think there were some good things that came from more focus on the writing itself, rather than the content.

From my past year of writing, what was...

My best story of this year:
I'm torn between "rewind to glory, tomorrow never dies" and... Morning's Light? The reason is because I'm also most disappointed by rewind to glory, and it's lacking in many ways because of how rushed it was (and emotionally gutted I was) by the end. On the other hand...it's actually a story, instead of straight up porn! On the other hand, the 3rd chapter of Morning's Light is one I think I did well.

My most popular story of this year:
I DID NOT EXPECT THIS. (I'm going to take the kyoukai no kanata fic out of the running for a bit because I think that's comparing apples to oranges.)
In terms of hits: dragon's flight followed by leoxing fake dating au.
In terms of kudos: leoxing fake dating au (36) followed by to the limit and dragon's flight (19)
My...my raft.... ;;;;

Story of mine most under-appreciated by the universe, in my opinion:
Story I wish more people read? rewind to glory hahahaha. It's a story that means a lot to me, because it's the longest thing I've written, the first story since...2012? that has a proper beginning middle end. And while I don't think it's perfect, I also don't think it's bad. Other than that, Morning's Light. But that's ongoing and multi chaptered and I'm slow, so it makes sense.

Most fun story to write:
Ooooooh. leoxing fake dating au! For kitten's exo fake dating week mini fest hahaha. Kind of jammed it in at the last minute, but it was just lighthearted and uh ~based off a true story~ so I had a lot of fun remembering my younger days? Also, an Are You Alice? AU that's not...posted...anywhere... But I had a lot of fun writing that too! Multi fandom PhD AU is fun because it's...stress relief. But the stress leading to it...isn't fun. So...

Hardest story to write:
AM I A BROKEN RECORD YET? rewind to glory, hands down. Not just the length or the plot. Several things were really challenging about it for me. The first I think was characterisation. I really love writing AUs because 1) it gives me a bit of distance 2) getting into a character, looking at 'canon', thinking about how they'd act, how they'd have grown given hugely different circumstances. But for the same reason I love it, it's difficult? Obviously there is no "right answer" in the end, but is the character still recognisable? Do the changes make sense? The second would be the large swatches of "fluffy shit goes here". Bye. I'm out. (jk I managed!). The third is: holy fucking shit why am I writing something with plot HAVE I GONE UTTERLY DAFT? The fourth: why the fuck is this so long and why isn't it over yet. Fifth: what do you do when half of the pairing announces they're going to leave the group/showbiz? How do you continue writing when the person who's cheered you up and kept you going says they won't be anymore? Haha, but at the same time, it definitely gave me the push to tie it up. Something like 15k over one night? More?

Possibly also perfect pieces of you. It was the first thing I wrote in a very long time. I know I've mentioned this a lot on tlist and in other places, but by the end of 2014 and the start of 2015, my confidence had been completely shattered. I also started writing it at what was quite possibly the most vulnerable time in my life. So personally, even though the story itself, at another time, might not have been hard to write, was quite possibly the hardest thing to write nonetheless. Kind of like writing the first line on a blank page, haha!

Biggest disappointment:
Dragon's Flight. (I've talked enough about rewind to glory haha but it's probably my "most" everything fic of the year!) I'm always sad when I drop story threads! That said, if it's not one particular fic, my biggest disappointment is I wrote so much pwp. It was kind of fun though!

Biggest surprise:
"What the fuck I wrote a novel." Me, right now: my leoxing fic is my most kudos'd fic?????? And not even the porn?????? (To be fair I posted the latter less than a week ago.) I'm writing KAT-TUN fic??? My return to JE is straight up porn???? (Hi, guess who was in the JUMP/Jrs fandom.) Ah! Also TFBOYS. I really didn't think I would do it! I mean, they're fourteen... Hehe, but it's cute and I'm happy.

Most unintentionally telling story:
Ah...definitely rewind to glory. PhD AU is my most intentionally telling story? But rewind to glory...probably because it was written over 3 months, and I put so much of myself into it-- I don't think it's something many people will notice (or many people will read) but it's a story that tells a lot about me.

Favourite Opening Lines:
It was raining, the morning Lee Sandeul - for he went by Sandeul here, in this court where he used his voice more than his blade - awoke with a premonition. He woke with daylight on his face, as he felt out the changes in the air. He lay for long moments with his eyes open, faintly aware of the rain which fell beyond the walls, trying to discern what it was that nudged at his innermost consciousness, but to no avail. After some time, he arose and dressed before going to wake Jinyoung. It had been more than four years now since they had fled the capital, out of fear for the prince’s safety. If they could kill the crown prince, a lesser one would pose little trouble, and neither of them was foolish enough to believe that it was merely coincidence Jinyoung had been set upon by bandits at the exact moment the crown prince had been killed. -- Chapter 3, Morning's Light

Favourite Closing Lines:

The figure slowly raised his head from where he'd been resting it on his knees. The sun's rays cast him in a golden glow, a halo of light around him. Taguchi wasn't sure if he should run or walk or stay still, so he settled for an awkward jog to his apartment door.

"Took you long enough," his friend grumbled.

"I was at work," Taguchi said, somewhat lamely. "I thought--"

"You can think?" Ueda raised an eyebrow. Taguchi laughed awkwardly, holding out a hand to help him to his feet.

"It's hard work being as clever as I am!" he protested, grabbing Ueda's hand. It was warm, calloused, the same.

Ueda rolled his eyes and shook his grip free.

"Just unlock the door and let me in," he grumbled. "I thought I was going to grow mushrooms, you took so long."

"You know, for someone so good at picking locks, I'm surprised you didn't just let yourself in," Taguchi said, opening the door.

Ueda pushed past him and walked in, kicking off his shoes. Taguchi got the distinct impression he'd just rolled his eyes again, but when Ueda turned around, all he saw was a wide grin.

"Hey, I quit," he said, and as the sun went down, Taguchi felt like a new day was starting.

He kept that one to himself.

-- red light flash back

Fic-writing goals for 2015:
WIP TIME (in no particular order)
- 'neolay trash' (n/leo gang au? side leolay)
- sulay
- continue song for the moon (b1a4 historical fantasy multi-chapter)
- finish subaeklay are you alice?
- continue yuankai (dreams fly)
- possibly finish the shinchandeul loveless au
- exo nonary game/virtue's last reward au
- write less porn. write more b1a4 fic that isn't porn.

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