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Options and Ideas:

1. In regard to the war for the Throne of Bel

a) With the demon summoning and the weakening between the human dimension and the demon dimension, the boundaries between other dimensions have also been warped. This warping has drawn your character from other worlds, tainting them with leftover Bel power (the human Bel power was left lingering in outer space or something).

b) Since Abel's soul was scattered, then it's possible that multiple humans have a piece of the human Bel. As such, at game start, they can all possibly compete for the war of Bel.

c) In regards to the issue that... there is only 1 Beldr, this can be handwaved. Many Beldrs clearly exist. Or whatever first Bel demon there is.

d) Alternatively, the game itself could start on the second/third day, beginning with "you feel like you have just absorbed some great power!"

2. Mechanics

a) With each RL day roughly corresponding to each game half hour, we could update every 2 "hours" with a set number of event flags.

b) Event flags should be mostly prewritten, with guidelines as "if you have ticked this, you can do this!" In other words, multiple story paths. It is up to players to choose whether to hit these flags or not. It also gives players more time and choice in when to hit a flag - and means the moderators don't have to update every day.

c) Make sure that the "time" is prominently displayed somewhere, and ask players to tag which "half hour" the log is occurring in.

d) Days will run from 8:30 AM to 9:00 PM. This corresponds to 26 days (I think), giving us 2 days of grace time between in-game days. Each "day", in other words, will take fully four weeks. Every four weeks, a new Laplace mail will go up.

e) Players have a choice of lone-wolfing it or of teaming up. Since it seems like demon-contracts correspond to the COMP teams and not the individual COMPs and are limited to 24 demons, it can be surmised that demon contracts are linked to the "leader" COMP. If players wish to team it up but are unsure as to with who, randomly generated teams (can be said that they all picked up COMPs near each other who were interconnected - recall, Atsuro unencrypting the COMPs originally). Furthermore, the COMPs will not function if all COMPs within a given team are near each other at any time, encouraging team work! On the other hand, it's perfectly possible to lone wolf it if that's the player's choice.

3. Plot

a) The general premise is that OHNOES lockdown, demons, and COMPs, with the war of Bel. We have the angels behind the lockdown etc etc. If we want to maintain the general paths alignment (i.e. Chaotic Evil (Yuzu), Lawful Evil (Naoya), Neutral (Gin), Chatoic Good (Atsuro), Lawful Good (Amane) - or whatever they are, you get the idea) we need motivations for each.

Do we allow the players these motivations? How do we nudge them onwards?

i) CAPTAIN EXPOSITION - Loki, or otherwise to discuss the war for the Throne of Bel.
ii) The maiden of the Shomonkai/SOME GROUP RESPONSIBLE FOR THIS SHIT would have to prod in the direction of Messiah. And then we have the problem of we can only really have one Messiah and what do.
iii) We have a general outcome for the game and not for the players, presumably... how do we decide this? I mean, as much as I would love springing Yuzu's ending on them (...and also, premature end for game ahahahahahahahaha wouldn't that be fun) that can't be the only option.

b) How much do we stick to the game, and how much can we improvise? I'd rather go for more original event flags and story line... so we'll have to sit down and come up with stuff for that.

4. Issues

a) Player inactivity. Since no matter how you look at it, this would be a fairly fast paced game, hiatus-es wouldn't be very forgiving...

b) Team-mate inactivity. What happens if one person in the team is inactive?

c) ...It seems like it would function better as a small game. I have no idea how it could be run seamlessly on a large scale.
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